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What happened in October and November 2022?

It is November 19 today, and I’m one month and 4 days late for the October Retrospective! Truth is, $WORK has been intense lately, to a point where I have not made much progress on my side projects. Anyway.

I have implemented the last feature I was really missing in my daily use of Spatial Sway: moving windows to adjacent workspaces. As a result, I think I can say that Spatial Sway has really reached the “Minimum Viable Product” stage, with a convenient UX, and a nice enough UI. It is still lacking when it comes to configurability, though. It is the next item of my TODO list, but I have no idea when I will implement the support for a configuration file.

Another highlight of the past two months was the NaNoWriMo . I took the last week of October and the first week of November off to plan and start writing a fiction project for it. Writing again was really nice, and I even gave writing fiction in English a shot. That made me uncover a bug in the English support of ogam , my markup language for fiction writers, which led me to publish a fix on However, as soon as I came back to $WORK, my writing spree ended. That’s okay, though. It gave me plenty of ideas for future sessions. Thanks, NaNoWriMo! Sorry to quit so soon, and see you next year, maybe.

Finally, a nice surprise of the past month is that someone has started working on adding proper support for coqffi to dune , the build system for OCaml and Coq! I’m thrilled by this. Thanks, @Alizter !

This wraps up this retrospective. I hope I will have more interesting, concrete news to share next month.