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Hi, I’m Thomas Letan (lthms) (he/him).

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What happened since December 2022? (

“Regularity is key.” But sometimes, it is a bit hard to get right. Anyway, let’s catch up.

Spatial Shell: Call For Testers (

In August, 2022, I have discovered Material Shell, and decided to implement a dynamic tiling management “a la Material Shell” for sway I called Spatial Shell. Spatial Shell works on my machine, which means it will definitely break on yours, and I would love to know how.

What happened in October and November 2022? (

Spatial Sway has basically reached the MVP stage, I failed to fully commit to this year’s NaNoWriMo, and someone has worked on adding some support for coqffi to dune.

What happened in September 2022? (

In a nutshell, my latest hobby project (Spatial Sway) works well enough so that I can use it daily, and I have done some unsuccessful experiments for this website.