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Building Static Binaries for OCaml Projects (

Building static binaries can come in handy. Most notably, when the time comes to distribute executables. Fortunately, building static binaries from OCaml projects can be achieved pretty easily, when you know what you are doing.

Extensible Records in OCaml Using dmap (

We show how it is possible to use dmap to implement extensible records (that is, records which can be extended with new fields after they have been defined) in OCaml.

Neovim, OCaml Interfaces, Tree-Sitter and LSP (

Can we all agree that witnessing syntax highlighting being absolutely off is probably the most annoying thing that can happen to anybody?

Writing a Function Whose Argument is a Polymorphic Function in OCaml (

In OCaml, it is not possible to write a function whose argument is a polymorphic function. Trying to write such a function results in the type-checker complaining back at you. The trick to be able to write such a function is to use records.

Implementing an Echo Server in Coq with coqffi.1.0.0 (

In this article, we will demonstrate how coqffi can be used to implement an echo server, i.e., a TCP server which sends back any input it receives from its clients.

coqffi.1.0.0 In A Nutshell (

For each entry of a cmi file, coqffi tries to generate an equivalent (from the extraction mechanism perspective) Coq definition. In this article, we walk through how coqffi works.