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Introducing bepo-tsrn.nvim (

bepo-tsrn.nvim is a zero-configuration, global plugin for Neovim which remaps default Neovim bindings for the Bépo keyboard layout in an opinionated way.

Spatial Shell 6th Release Might Be the Charm (

After a first call for testers that could have been more effective if only the building instructions listed in the README were correct, I am quite happy to announce the 6th release for Spatial Shell that, I believe, is pretty usable for someone who isn’t me.

What happened since December 2022? (

“Regularity is key.” But sometimes, it is a bit hard to get right. Anyway, let’s catch up.

Release of colorless-themes-0.2 (

Introducing a new macro, more friendly with themes gallery like Peach Melpa.