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Welcome Jasmine!

Jasmine from the “Ralph Breaks the Internet” movie

After three years of loyal services, I will gradually retire mulan, the VPS I was previously renting to Vultr. It is to be replaced by jasmineYes, I am naming my servers (and personal computers) after Disney princesses. . jasmine is pretty much the same machine (with 50% more disk space, and alledgly more powerful CPUs).

Contrary to previous installation, I firmly intend to document the infrastructure and services I will install on jasmine. This is the purpose of this series. I am convinced it will be useful for Future Me. But, how knows? Maybe it’ll be useful to others as well.

Installing a LUKS-Encrypted Arch Linux on a Vultr VPS

I describe how I have set up the host (an Arch Linux system on a LUKS-encrypted partition) of jasmine, my new VPS.