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This website could not exist without (many) awesome free software projects. Although I could not list them all even if I wanted, my desire is at least to try keeping up-to-date a curated description of the “main” ones.

  1. Authoring Content
  2. Static Website Generation
  3. Frontend

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2020-12-13 Advertise the use of cleopatra 2972fd7
2020-12-13 Spectral is the new main font of this website e511f53
2020-03-19 Use inline mathematics to display KaTeX 91c1621
2020-02-18 Generate the ToC with soupault rather than org-mode in 50c03e1
2020-02-18 First publication of a page listing FOSS used to build this website fd76248

Authoring Content

Emacs is an extensible editor which I use daily to author this website content, and write the code related to this website (and any code, really). It is part of the GNU project.
Org mode
Org mode is a major mode of Emacs which I use to author several posts. It has initially been written by Carsten Dominik, and is currently maintained by Bastien Guerry.
Coq is a theorem prover and a proof assistant built by Inria. Many of my posts on Coq are regular Coq file processed by coqdoc.

Static Website Generation

Soupault is a static website generator and HTML processor written by Daniil Baturin.
sassc is a compiler for SASS files (actually, a wrapper around libsass), authored by Aaron Leung, Hampton Catlin, Marcel Greter, and Michael Mifsud.
cleopatra is a generic, extensible toolchain with facilities for literate programming projects using Org mode and more. I have written it for this very website.


Fork Awesome
Fork Awesome is a collection of icons for the web. It is a community fork of Font Awesome.
KaTeX \KaTeX
KaTeX \KaTeX is the “fastest” math typesetting library for the web, and is uses to render inline mathematics in my posts at build time. It has been created by Emily Eisenberg and Sophie Alpert, with the help of many contributors.
Fira Code
Fira Code is a monospaced font by Nikita Prokopov inspired with Fira Mono by the Mozilla Foundation, with “programming ligatures” (e.g., >>=, ==, !=, etc.), and it is used here for verbatim content (principally source code).
Spectral is an original typeface designed by Production Type, primarily intended for use inside Google’s Docs and Slides. It is used as the main font of this website.