Release of colorless-themes-0.2, nordless-theme-0.2, and lavenderless-theme-0.2

February 15, 2020

I have tagged and released a new version of colorless-themes. The motivation behind modifying the version number is an important breaking change regarding how the colorless-themes-make macro shall be used. Before 0.2, the macro was calling deftheme and provide-theme itself. In practices, it meant the actual themes were not using these two functions themselves. It was working great in isolation, but it turns out many tools such as use-package or Peach Melpa (an auto-generated Emacs themes gallery) are relying on the presence of these functions to decide whether a file provides a theme or not. As of now, nordless-theme and lavenderless-theme have been updated accordingly, and they appear on Peach Melpa. Their loading can also be defered using the :defer keyword of the use-package macro.

Maybe now is a good time to get in touch with melpa-stable, and see if we can add colorless-themes and its companion themes there. Also, if you happen to be a user of colorless-themes, feel free to shoot an email! I would love to hear about your experience using a mostly colorless theme.