Hi, I’m lthms.

I don’t like syntax highlighting, but I like types and functional programming languages. He/him.

Interested in starting a discussion? Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.


Over the years, I have made a habit of learning new programming languages, out of curiosity, and I intend to continue this way for the time being.

Discovering Common Lisp with trivial-gamekit
Common Lisp is a venerable programming languages like no other I know. From the creation of a Lisp package up to the creation of a standalone executable, we explore the shore of this strange beast.
Writing a Function Whose Argument is a Polymorphic Function in OCaml
In OCaml, it is not possible to write a function whose argument is a polymorphic function. Trying to write such a function results in the type-checker complaining back at you. The trick to be able to write such a function is to use records.