About this Website

The generation of this website is far from being trivial, and requires the combination of —probably too— many tools. For instance, even if I mostly use Org mode for authoring content, most of my write-ups about Coq are actually Coq files, and I use coqdoc to generate the HTML pages you read.

This website could not exist without many awesome free software projects. Although I could not list them all even if I wanted, my desire is at least to try keeping up-to-date a curated description of the most significant ones.
A Series on Generating this Website
At some point, I felt like the whole process of generating this website was interesting enough so that it would deserve a write-up of its own. As a result, I spent quite some time turning my custom toolchain into a literate program, so that its actual code source would actually be the write-ups I wanted to add to my website.