Authoring Content with org-mode


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2021-03-28 2021 Spring redesign 495f9db
2021-01-24 No more syntax highlighting 1e9ac81
2020-12-12 Use Spectral Regular b340096
2020-12-10 Add a Series on coqffi, and the first literate program of this blog 2706544
2020-08-29 Start the documentation of the theme build process 23e5c85
2020-08-27 Simplify the theme b065628
2020-04-04 Benefit from cleopatra org-related functions to export org files a38a430
2020-04-02 Refactor the build process to use cleopatra the Second 46b2e7a
2020-02-27 More theme tweaking 9a0fef2
2020-02-27 Introduce a convenient Org syntax for inline maths 060c7d6
2020-02-27 Add a minimal style for the .example class used by Org for results 4d39fc4
2020-02-27 Use monokai-pro as the main theme and fix the CSS of Coq files 512e590
2020-02-27 Tweak the theme to be more responsive fbbc603
2020-02-27 Theme reloading 1a9268f
2020-02-26 Use toml-mode for syntax highlighting and align a la Cargo.toml e4659d4
2020-02-26 Display source blocks names and tangle filenames in HTML output e6cd97f
2020-02-26 Improving the end of the Bootstrapping cleopatra document af723a5
2020-02-26 Introduce a notion of dependency between generation processes 5945bc8
2020-02-24 Hide sections numbers for H4 and more in Org documents 9b8cf40
2020-02-24 Add support for JSON source block for Org documents 548b1b3
2020-02-23 Fix various typos af3ed74
2020-02-23 Reduce the length of long lines of code in cleopatra 89e27fc
2020-02-23 Try to improve the situation with overflowing source blocks af208a5
2020-02-23 Yet another attempt to only init npm and Emacs when necessary a031c80
2020-02-23 Use a softer theme bdb7137
2020-02-23 cleopatra is completely boostrapped 2869989
2020-02-23 Do not remove cleopatra files with 'make clean' 39fd0f0
2020-02-23 Provide a rule to initialize Emacs packages e5480d5
2020-02-23 Integrate the scripts and plugins used by soupault in 4bb8750
2020-02-23 Reworking cleopatra presentation 404d052
2020-02-22 List current generation processes and document how to add one c8a860b
2020-02-22 Use `tangle-org.el' during bootstrap d50ee0c

Author Guidelines §

Implementation §

EMACS := cleopatra-emacs

ORG_IN := $(shell find site/ -name "*.org")
ORG_OUT := $(

org-prebuild : .emacs
org-build : ${ORG_OUT}

soupault-build : org-build

CONFIGURE += .emacs

EXPORT := --batch \
          --load="${ROOT}/scripts/packages.el" \
          --load="${ROOT}/scripts/export-org.el" \
          2>> build.log

INIT := --batch --load="${ROOT}/scripts/packages.el" \
        2>> build.log

.emacs : scripts/packages.el
	@cleopatra echo Initiating  "Emacs configuration"
	@${EMACS} ${INIT}
	@touch .emacs

%.html : scripts/packages.el scripts/export-org.el \
	@cleopatra echo Exporting "$*.org"
	@${EMACS} $< ${EXPORT}
(use-package ox-tufte :ensure t)

 '((dot . t)
   (shell . t)))

(setq org-export-with-toc nil
      org-html-htmlize-output-type nil
      org-export-with-section-numbers nil)

(add-to-list 'org-entities-user
             '("im" "\\(" nil "<span class=\"imath\">" "" "" ""))
(add-to-list 'org-entities-user
             '("mi" "\\)" nil "</span>" "" "" ""))

(defun with-keyword (keyword k)
  "Look-up for keyword KEYWORD, and call continuation K with its value."
  (pcase (org-collect-keywords `(,keyword))
    (`((,keyword . ,kw))
     (when kw (funcall k (string-join kw " "))))))

(defun get-keyword (keyword)
  "Look-up for keyword KEYWORD, and returns its value"
  (with-keyword keyword (lambda (x) x)))

(defun get-org-title (path)
  "Fetch the title of an Org file whose path is PATH."
    (find-file-read-only path)
    (get-keyword "TITLE")))

(defun insert-title ()
  "Insert the title of the article."
   (lambda (title)
      (format "\n\n@@html:<h1>@@ %s @@html:</h1>@@\n\n" title)))))

(defun insert-series ()
  "Insert the series root link."
   (lambda (series)
     (insert "\n\n#+attr_html: :class series\n")
     (insert series))))

(defun insert-series-prev ()
  "Insert the series previous article link."
   (lambda (series-prev)
     (insert "\n\n#+attr_html: :class series-prev\n")
     (insert series-prev))))

(defun insert-series-next ()
  "Insert the series next article link."
   (lambda (series-next)
     (insert "\n\n#+attr_html: :class series-next\n")
     (insert series-next))))

(defun insert-nav ()
  "Insert the navigation links."
  (when (get-keyword "SERIES")
    (insert "\n\n#+begin_nav\n")
    (insert "\n\n#+end_nav\n")))


(let ((outfile (org-export-output-file-name ".html"))
      (org-html-footnotes-section "<!-- %s --><!-- %s -->"))
  (org-export-to-file 'tufte-html outfile nil nil nil t))