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Author Guidelines §

Under the Hood §

COQ_POSTS := $(shell find site/ -name "*.v")
COQ_HTML := $(COQ_POSTS:.v=.html)
  $(COQ_POSTS:.v=.vok) \
  $(COQ_POSTS:.v=.vos) \
  $(COQ_POSTS:.v=.glob) \
  $(join $(dir ${COQ_POSTS}),$(addprefix ".",$(notdir $(COQ_POSTS:.v=.aux))))

coq-build : ${COQ_HTML}

soupault-build : coq-build


COQLIB := ""
COQCARG := -async-proofs-cache force \
           -w -custom-entry-overriden
COQDOCARG := --no-index --charset utf8 --short \
             --body-only --coqlib "${COQLIB}" \
             --external "" ExtLib \
             --external "" compcert \
             --external "" SimpleIO

%.html : %.v _opam/init
	@cleopatra echo Exporting  "$*.v"
	@coqc ${COQCARG} $<
	@coqdoc ${COQDOCARG} -d $(shell dirname $<) $<
	@rm -f $(shell dirname $<)/coqdoc.css