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The generation of my personal website is far from being trivial, and requires a combination of —probably too— many tools. It turned out that some choices I have made early on gave to the build toolchain I ended up writing a pretty nice property: I could easily integrate its code to the very website it was conceived to build, by means of literate programming!

The document you are reading is just that: the literate program of my home-grown build toolchain —called cleopatra—. The motivations behind this name are twofold.

cleopatra is a literate program whose “program” part is working as expected. Its “literate” part still requires some work, though.

Bootstrapping an Extensible Toolchain
cleopatra is an extensible toolchain that builds a static website and it is part of this very website. This means cleopatra is bootstrapped: it generates iteself.
soupault Configuration
soupault is a HTML processor, and it can be used as a static website generator. This is the approach used for this very website, and this document is the literate program of the dedicated cleopatra generation process.
Generating Contents from Org Documents (TODO)
Generating Contents from Coq Documents (TODO)
Theming and Templating (TODO)